At New You Skin and Laser Boutique our skin experts understand every skin is unique, which is why we believe in the philosophy of Corneotherapy. We aim to educate, motivate and provide you with the correct tools to achieve healthy happy skin and maintain your results.

Dermaviduals is a dermatological, medical grade skin care range with an individual concept that is focused on the correction and restoration of your skins barrier. While your product prescription repairs and replenishes cells from the outside in, your in-clinic skin health plan will regenerate connective tissue from the inside out. Our ongoing training provides us with extensive knowledge and expertise in our profession, to guarantee we are confident in delivering quality and innovation for your skins success.

Our holistic customer service requires passion, patients and persistence from yourself and your skin expert. This positive approach ensures a resolution for patients serious about their skin goals. No “quick fix” will protect the integrity of your skin or prevent your condition from re-occurring. We pride ourselves in performing results-oriented treatments with only award winning state of the art technology. Our skin experts will ensure longterm results and support longevity for the overall health of your skin.

If you answer yes to any of the following, let us help you…
Do you suffer from inflammation, sensitivity, redness, pigmentation, ageing or acne?
Do you feel you will never have beautiful skin?
Are you at the point where you just don’t know what to believe anymore?
Are you confused with what your skin truly needs?
Have you found nothing works?
Are you ready to start your journey to healthy skin?




Kandis: Owner – Skin Expert – Dermal Therapist – Corneotherapist

Amy: Owner – Skin Expert – Dermal Therapist – Corneotherapist


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