Clinic of the Month

Posted 11 Sep 2018

    Meet Our Clinic of the Month, New You Skin & Laser Boutique!  

Food for your skin

Posted 25 May 2018

Food for your skin Are you caring for your skin from the inside? Nutrition and healthy digestion are key for healthy glowing skin! There is a strong link between what we eat and the appearance of our skin. Our skin cells are produced deep within the dermis, so if the cells inside our body are… Continue Reading»

Customised Skin Care

Posted 25 May 2018

CUSTOMISED SKIN CARE The meaning of customised: To make or change something according to a customers particular needs We are noticing so many domestic skin care ranges using the term “CUSTOMISED” when referring to your  skin treatments and home care regime. But how do you customise a product when the packaging is already sealed? Well the answer… Continue Reading»