Clinical Body Treatments

All new patients who attend New You Skin and Laser Boutique for any of our body treatments will be required to undergo a Compulsory Customised Body Planning Consultation prior to starting any treatment.

All body treatments also come in packages
Please enquire for package pricing

Body Consultation

Price $60 (Cost waived with purchase on the day of consultation)

An extensive evaluation of your body’s history, current behaviour and expectations. By identifying irregularities such as diet, exercise, stress, sleeping patterns and lifestyle choices, we are able to provide an individually customised treatment plan and home care prescription to assist you in achieving your body goals.

You will also receive:
body analysis  /  knowledge and education  /  nutritional information  /  treatment plan  /  homecare prescription

Infrared Slim It 

30mins $69  /  60mins $89
(add on to another treatment from $55)

The Infrared Slim It Blanket is a heat-induced treatment where the cells of your body absorb safe and effective thermal energy. This radiates a thermogenesis effect within the deep tissue layers causing vessels and capillaries to dilate and increase blood circulation, allowing your body to eliminate unwanted toxins and metabolic waste through your detoxification pathways. The temperature, time and number of sessions are determined during your consultation.

weight loss  /  cellulite reduction  /  muscle recovery  /  fluid retention  /  sport injuries  /  detoxifying  /  increases blood circulation  /  boosts lymphatic system  /  relieves pain  /  skin healing  /  improves digestion

Body Tightening 

Prices From $175

Radio Frequency (RF) is a heat-induced treatment to stimulate and activate collagen and elastin fibres, leaving the texture of your skin looking and feeling smoother. Heating the Dermal layer of the skin to a certain temperature will cause the surrounding tissue to contract, improve circulation, encourage lymphatic flow and increase hydration.

tightening  /  toning  /  firming  /  assist with cellulite reduction

hips  /  thighs  /  buttocks  /  abdomen  /  upper arms



Cellulite Reduction 

Prices From $95

Ultrasound cavitation is a breakthrough non-surgical treatment to help address stubborn fat and problem areas leaving your body looking and feeling firmer. Sound waves are sent through the skin to create enlarged micro-cavities within the fat cell. These microbubbles collide and explode which causes the fat cell to breakdown and eliminate naturally via the lymphatic and urinary system.

body contouring  /  cellulite reduction  /  elimination of toxins

hips  /  thighs  /  buttocks  /  abdomen  /  upper arm



Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing

Prices From $350

Fat Freezing is a non-invasive procedure that assists in permanently reducing fatty subcutaneous tissue. The Criocuum selectively isolates accumulated fat to an intense cold temperature which creates inflammation and increases the basal metabolism resulting in frozen fat cells. These cells are then naturally wasted via the lymphatic system leaving your area of concern much slimmer.

body fat reduction  /  cellulite reduction  /  firmer skin tone

hips  /  thighs  /  buttocks  /  stomach  /  upper arms


Skin Rejuvenation

Prices From $145 
(Compulsory test patch prior to treatment)  

Skin rejuvenation is a treatment that uses a photothermalysis method where light is delivered into the skin then converted to heat. Specific wavelengths are used to target different chromophores within the skin without causing trauma to the surrounding tissue, making this treatment great for many visible skin concerns.

neck  /  back  /  arms  /  hands  /  shoulders  /  decolletage

Acne Benefits:
kills P.acne bacteria  /  clears the skin  /  pigmentation

lightening  /  even skin tone  /  break down of melanin

Vascular Benefits:
maintains rosacea  /  closure of vessels  /  coagulation of blood  /  a colour change of vessels

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Consultation 30mins  /  Prices From $95
(Complimentary consultation)

Laser Tattoo Removal is a highly focused treatment that rapidly delivers high speeds of laser light into the skin creating a vibrating effect on the pigment of the tattoo. The tattoo is shattered into small particles allowing the ink to penetrate deeper through the skin and eliminate naturally via the lymphatic system. This causes the tattoo to fade after each treatment until all the ink is no longer visible.