Corneotherapeutic Skin Treatments

All new patients who attend New You Skin and Laser Boutique for any of our skin treatments will be required to undergo a Compulsory Customised Dermal Planning Consultation prior to starting any treatment. 

 All skin treatments also come in packages
Please enquire for package pricing


CUSTOMISED age defying

Using electrical muscle stimulating tools, this customised anti-ageing treatment delivers powerful doses of antioxidants, peptides and vitamins to fight against free radicals and improve microcirculation to firm the skin. Includes Nutrition Infusion to take your skin to the next level.


  • prevents premature ageing
  • reverses oxidative stress
  • repairs cell DNA
  • regenerates collagen
  • creates cellular energy
  • plumping
 Full Face $249


Activated with hot steam to lift unwanted dead surface cells and loosen blocked pores without sacrificing the integrity of the skin’s barrier. Whilst impurities dissolve away, enjoy a scalp massage followed by a hot towel for removal of the peel.


  • exfoliating
  • purifying
  • clarifying
  • decongesting
Full Face $99


Accompanied by our enzyme peel, recovery mask and LED therapy, this prescribed skin treatment provides deep penetration of pure wholesome ingredients into the dermal layers of the skin to encourage a healthy environment. Indulge your senses and enjoy relaxing results with a neck and shoulder massage using our Meeka magnesium Body Oil.


  • compromised
  • impaired
  • dehydrated


  • strengthening
  • repairing
  • hydrating
  • nourishing
  • energising
Full Face $179

Customised recovery mask

Stimulate dermal and epidermal regeneration to assist in repairing the skin. By replenishing and boosting the cells essential electrolytes, this will provide protection from fatigue and oxidative stress, resulting in a healthy environment for the skin. Enjoy a stress relief neck and shoulder massage with our Meeka magnesium Body Oil.


  • brightening
  • hydrating
  • anti-bacterial
  • calming
  • soothing
Full Face $99