Customised Skin Care

Posted 25 May 2018


The meaning of customised:
To make or change something according to a customers particular needs

We are noticing so many domestic skin care ranges using the term “CUSTOMISED” when referring to your  skin treatments and home care regime. But how do you customise a product when the packaging is already sealed? Well the answer is – You Can’t!

Two ingredients in a sealed product may be beneficial for your skin type, condition or concern, but what about the other 10+ ingredients that are in this packaging making up the rest of the product? And… A product can say it contains a certain ingredient, but how do you know the percentage required for this active ingredient is correct? How do you customise these by adding and/or subtracting when the product is already blended and the packaging is sealed? Something to think about…!

Dermaviduals however, is a dermatological, medical grade, prescriptive skin care range that is PERSONALLY CUSTOMISED to the skin in a way no other domestic skin care range can do. Ingredients (not products) are prescribed to your skin by your skin expert (Corneotherapist) once diagnoses is confirmed.

The amazing thing about this concept is – no two prescriptions are ever the same. As your skin becomes more healthy, you will need different ingredients to feed your skin. Ingredients that DO NOT contain emulsifiers, fragrance, preservatives, parabens, silicones or mineral oils (all harsh on the skins barrier). Dermaviduals active ingredients are encapsulated in a skin identical ingredient called Phosphatidylcholine. This allows your personal skin care to fuse with the bilayers and release your customised active ingredients beyond the skin’s first barrier of defence, where they are needed most.

REMEMBER: Just because Jo Blow down the road said a product works for them, it doesn’t mean it will work for you. Every skin is unique, no two skins are the same, therefore why would your skin care be the same? Please do your research before spending money on products that truly are not good for your skins longterm overall health.